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About us

Leather Art is a collection of assorted Premium Leather Goods bought to you by Master Saddlers from Eastern Saddlery and more recently the people who bought to you the immensely popular Dog Art.

Frankly speaking, we know Leather and we only manufacture the best leather products. We firmly believe that leather is supposed to last a lifetime and all our goods are painstakingly made to that effect!  

All the Leather used in our goods is Vegetable Tanned. This process involves leathers being immersed in pits in the ground for long periods with natural bark. This resulting leather is consistent in finish, very strong, supple and hypoallergenic.

In other words- all our leather is organic and it smells like the high quality leather, it is!


Being in the leather trade for over half a century we know what good leather and quality workmanship is. It is very difficult for us to find and buy genuine leather products, and when we do- they are probably too expensive. We usually end up making belts, pet collars, bags, mobile cases etc at our own factory for our friends and family. . Our products have became very popular with people who used them. So, we decided to finally market these über-quality goods. Every piece we create is made with the finest materials and crafted the ‘forgotten way’.

That is why, we call ourselves LEATHER ART, we don’t just manufacture goods; we create art.

Click on the various collections on the left to experience our exquisite collections of Belts. All made from the choicest leather and metals but economically priced.

Currently we supply only to select wholesalers and retailers.

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Download our 2010 Belts Catalogue here.

Leather Art
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